Hello. My name is Felix
and I am lucky. I'm lucky to study media design at MDRV and LIGHTHOUSE Creative Media Gmbh. I'm lucky to be the owner of the streetwear label SVARTSNÓTT. I'm lucky to show you my work
Store Design Products
branding, textile design, web design, graphic design, printing, social mediaSVARTSNÓTT is a contemporary streetwear label from Germany. The designs descend from aesthetics of cold landscapes, distorted graphics and music like black metal or techno.

Featured on Ello and miss—interpreted
Good Die,
My Friend
Motion Design, Storyboarding, Illustration, Texturing, Sound Design, Graphic Design, ScreenprintingIn the tragicomedy „Good Die My Friend“ a supposedly trivial competition between two neighbors comes to an escalation. Disregarding their surroundings, both of them destroy, driven by greed, their own habitat until a catastrophe is inevitable. A project done together with Laura Klinke and Daniela Koltermann.

Screened at ITFS 2017. Featured on MDRV.
Lunchtime Talks
Graphic Designthe lunchtime talks are a series of public expert lectures, organised by the media design department at dhbw ravensburg, germany since 2011. I had the chance to create a poster for the lunchtime talk with Prof. Jimmy Schmid from the Hochschule der Künste Bern (HKB).

Featured on MDRV
Sag, Meister
Graphic Design, Sound Design"Sag, Meister" is a project about the famous designer Stefan Sagmeister from Bregenz, Austria. It consists of four different "posters" for a fictional lecture from the designer at the DHBW Ravensburg. Each represents an important part of Sagmeisters design work.
002 003
graphic design, illustrationZwischenablage is a collection of selected works by students of MDRV. Not only projects done during classes, but also illustrations, doodles, funny stuff created in their free time.

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Box Cutting
No. 1 No. 2
Motion Design, Animation, IllustrationA short frame-by-frame animated clip, created during a motion design workshop with UKI-UKI at DHBW Ravensburg.

Featured on MDRV
Ostgut Ton "Fünf" Cover
Graphic DesignAn alternative cover for "Fünf" by Ostgut Ton. We were assigned a font (mine was Avenir) and the task to create an alternative cover of our choice.
Characters & Things
Only Dumb Stuff...
Illustration, Editorial DesignA small book with stupid, goofy and funny illustrations.
"Aufstiege" Trailer Music
sound designTwo classmates created the visual identity for "Aufstiege" and asked me to do the soundtrack for the trailer.

Shown at the opening of the light art festival "Aufstiege" in Stuttgart.
If you want to see more of my work follow me on Behance, Instagram, Ello, Vimeo or drop me a message via mail.